Garden Ideas

Spring is upon us, and one of the best ways to celebrate Spring is with a garden. A vegetable whiskey barrel plantergarden is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to grow your own organic vegetables. If you start your garden from seeds, it’s very inexpensive. If you buy plants, it will cost you a bit more. However, if you have a good harvest, it is much more affordable than purchasing at the store. Many people are interested in decorating their garden, or finding a good place to start a vegetable, herb, or flower garden. One common idea is to start a container garden in a small space, and see if you like it. A very fun and classy way to approach this is to use a whiskey barrel planter. These give you plenty of room to grow some flowers, or a few vegetables, and see if gardening is for you. Plus, the nostalgic look and feel of these planters gives your yard and garden a very warm and welcoming feel. I’m sure you’ve seen them around, but if you think about using them in your own yard, it would be a unique and relaxing way to work off the winter blues.

Make Your Home Mobile

If you’re thinking about a mobile tablet or phone, keep in mind these devices are more than just mobile. Samsung-Galaxy-S4They are a great addition to a complete home. If you have a tablet, you can use that to look at pictures and photo slide shows at home, and a good tablet can replace a lot of coffee table books and save you room on your end table or nightstand. Additionally, some homes are being built with mobile interaction, where you can check and adjust your home’s temperature with your mobile device, use it as a baby monitor, or stream shows from a media server to your home TV. Recipe books are being replaced by them, too. If you don’t have or want a tablet, keep in mind that many new phones are also offering these options. Two of the most popular right now are the iPad mini, and the Galaxy Note 2. The new Galaxy S4 will be out soon, too, and offers many of the same features. If you’re interested in taking your home to the next level in high tech design, keep in mind that what you put in your pocket or purse may just be the next thing you need.

De-Clutter Your Entryway

If you have guests or company over, the first impression of your home should be a nice one. A stack of shoes right inside the front door or garage door does not leave a favorable first impression. AddShoe Benchitionally, there are lots of times that you want your front entry to look good for you! Make sure you take the time to organize and clean your home, and the use of a shoe bench may really help you. These are high quality, wood pieces of furniture that you can sit on to remove our shoes as you walk in your door. They also have storage spaces, or little cubby holes, to store the shoes in once they are removed. They come in assortments of dark and light wood, and some are full benches while others may just be a rack that holds your shoes. There are some small enough to fit in your closet, or that you can use in your bedroom to sit on while you get dressed. Any way you use them, they will reduce the clutter, and improve the way your home looks and feels.

My Son’s First Gun

I was shopping for a inexpensive .22lr rifle that I could give my son for his 13th birthday this year and was surprised by all the options.

There was the basic Mossberg 702 which was around $150 and a single shot bolt action. It’s probably the least expensive .22lr rifle available besides the super cheap Savage. The Mossberg 702 has a 10 round magazine for it and also a special 25 round magazine but the 25 round mag sticks out too far and looks fairly silly. The only thing is the 702 is a boring rifle.

So, with a budget of around $250 I kept looking and found the other .22lr rifle Mossberg makes…the Mossberg 715T. Now this is a cool .22lr rifle! It looks like a real .223 AR15 rifle and has almost all the same features. It has a full size quad front rail. It has a 6 position polymer adjustable stock and a full size picatinny rail up on top so you can mount any scope or red dot you want.

You can get it in a 10 round magazine or a 25 round magazine. (I got an extra 25 round magazine over at weapon hero)

mossberg 715t flat top

I put a UTG red dot on it and got Seth an extra magazine and he loves his new rifle…just as I figured he would. Anyway, I recommend the Mossberg 715t for a great inexpensive rifle.


Organize Your Bathroom and Shower

It’s easy to enjoy a nice, quiet bath or a hot shower. A deluxe bathroom can be a very relaxing place, providing an oasis of peace. However, that can all be ruined if your bathrooshower radiom is a cluttered mess. What could be a nice bath, is a mess to clean up and a struggle to find what you want. Your shower can easily be over ran by bottles, organizers, and take up precious space for you to shower. It’s easy to improve all that if you have a few simple things to organize your bathroom and help you get the most out of your relaxing oasis. The first, and most important, is to get a good shower and bath caddy. A good, rust proof shower caddy, will allow you to organize all your bottles, razors, and bath accessories so that you can feel like you have a clean and organized atmosphere to relax in. If you really want to enjoy your shower, you should get a good shower radio, or a Bluetooth shower radio to allow you to listen to music or the radio and sing in the shower. You can see some here. It’s not hard to enjoy your bathroom again, you just need to get a few things organized so you can relax.

Get In Shape Gear

There are lots of people that prefer to go to the gym to get in a good workout or exercise routine. While the gym is a fine option, it is often costly and can take extra time out of your day for travel. If you need the motivation of a gym, it’s a great place to be. However, if you’re looking for a way to tone up for less money, and like the option of working out fromĀ  Sit-Up Benchhome, then you should consider some of this gear. A good sit up bench will help you tone your mid section and work off those love handles. Additionally, they are versatile enough to store under your bed or in your closet, and can often be used for decline bench workouts as well. Another good home addition is a dip station, which is used to work out and tone up your upper body. It takes good core strength, and upper arm, chest, and back strength to be able to do good sets of dips. These two often overlooked home exercise equipment will help you get on track to looking great.